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Written by Brien Williams, the Historian who works with Thom 

VIDEO ORAL HISTORY combines the techniques of oral history interviewing with the added value of capturing the video image.  The aim of video oral history is to record the memories and reflections of individuals about their life experiences and careers. 


We have worked with a wide variety of  institutions including universities and professional organizations and interviewed nearly one hundred people, including members of congress, leading scientists, and members of the law enforcement community.  Many of our interviews are posted on internet websites, both as full interviews and as edited interview highlights.


Thom Wolf is a highly skilled videographer with top of the line video equipment.  Unlike many "just shooters" he understands the objectives of oral history and brings real interest and enthusiasm to the interview situation. 


Brien Williams has been conducting oral histories for more than two decades, starting as the personal oral historian for Sen. John Glenn.  He created and conducted an oral history program for the American Red Cross and advised other organizations on developing such projects.  He has led workshops and published articles on capturing oral history. 

Thom covered the Soviet Space Program in Russia for the Smithsonian Institution. In DC & Nevada he documented the Atom Bomb and Enola Gay, and in Virginia filmed a summit between Mikhail Kalashnikov and Eugene Stoner the inventors of the  the M16 &  Kalashnikov rifle.

Thom in the Enola Gay

Tim Keating & Thom in Moscow

Mikhail Kalashnikov & Thom

We shot over 50 interviews to document  Sen. Bob Dole's career, which  aired on C-Span. One of those 2 hour interviews was with Sen.George Mc Govern.

We also documented Rep. Jack Kemp, Sen. Daniel Inouye and Sen. Paul Sarbanes

Sen. George Mc Govern

Justice Ruth Bader Gingsburg

Sen. Robert Dole

Brien & Sen. Paul Sarbanes

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